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AC Nails & Spa - Nail salon near me Pensacola, FL 32514

" Did an amazing job on my nails, an acrylic set, with dip powder, and design was $50. I chew my nails down so short they often bleed, and they were not rude about it, like many other salons have been. I asked them for short nails and I actually got short nails, they really make sure to give you what you want. It did take longer than I expected, but the outcome is beautiful and completely worth the time needed to make them perfect."

(5/5 stars - Megan McCarthy)

" I went to this shop last week an hour before they closed. They took their time, and didn’t rush just to hurry and get me out. The man who did my acrylic nails did a wonderful job. I’ve never had such perfect acrylics before. It’s been a week and my nails still look just as flawless as the night I got them. The woman who did my pedicure was extremely friendly. She treated me like I was a friend she had known for years. I will definitely return in the future."

(5/5 stars - Eliza Crowder)

" This place is AMAZING!! I came here a few days ago right after Christmas late in the evening, it was around 5:30 or so when I arrived and we finished around 7:30 or so. Yes it did take a long time but I love how he did it! He took extra tome on my nails and he made them look amazing!! They are absolutely perfect and I don’t see a single flaw!! I got pink and white powder with a glitter top coat. Not only did he perfect my nails but he also gave me a free lavender hand lotion and a little plate full of cookies which I thought was just awsome of them. They were really sweet and you really do get what you pay for. It is totally worth it and I will be back here!! This is going to be my new spot I come to from now on. It was $50 for the nails and I left a $15 tip. I totally recommend this place."

(5/5 stars - Kara Sunday)

" They are always polite when I come in. Multiple visits and never had a problem. The nail tech was even nice enough to help me (at no charge)remove the acrylic nail when I partially tore my nail off the nail bed. He was very careful and considerate and suggested ways to help my nail grow back. The Mrs. that does the pedicures was very professional and attentive. Best spa treatment and rub ever. It's a small but friendly family owned business. They also offer refreshments as well."

(5/5 stars - Tara Campbell)

I’ve had my nails done three times and I’ve enjoyed it every time. They are very kind and Gung Ho to help you , I’ve had dip two times and they did such a thorough job and were anxious to post their work immediately . I’ll continue to get my nails done there for as long as they’re running. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT"

(5/5 stars - 
Anna Kimes)

" Love AC Nails, it was the best! I visited this place some days ago to get Gel Full Set and Spa Pedicure.The techs are efficient and nice. They did a good job on my nails, and they also offer a range selection of nail colors and good brands. I would definitely recommend this place and keep returning."

(5/5 stars - Alexandra Harper)

" I’ve been going to this shop for a few years and I’ve always had a great experience. The shop is very clean. The staff is very kind and very attentive. I feel like a member of the family when I’m there. I would highly recommend this nail shop to anyone. Most of the women in my family and social circle are also clients."

(5/5 stars - Christie Erickson)

" I’ve been going to see Andy and Lisa for a little over a year and a half now.. every two weeks I come in and get a mani (dip nails) and pedi.. they never disappoint. Always an excellent job at a very reasonable price. Professional hardworking people."

(5/5 stars - Jenna Gudinas)

" I have enjoyed every experience at this spa. They make every effort to ensure they offer all of the newest and up to date trends in the service industry. I love Andy and his wife and will recommend them to all of my friends and family."

(5/5 stars - Tracey Cruz)

" Not really a big or fancy salon but the services sound good to me ! Great performance in Shellac designs and also provide best pedicure with good massage !"

(5/5 stars - Oanh Bui)

" This place is awesome! I recommend this place to all you want a manicure and pedicure. I never been to a place that do a very good job on my nails before,I love it!"

(5/5 stars - Andy Chen)

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